Grey Heron Zen Dublin

The Grey Heron Zen welcomes people of all faiths and of no expressed faith tradition, to sit together to practice Zazen, or sitting meditation. We are grateful to be able to use the facilities in the Dominican Retreat House in Tallaght Village, near the site of the 8th century monastery of St. Maelruan. 

The retreat house has a beautiful 18th century walled garden. Up in one of the highest trees is a heron’s nest. You will often find a grey heron or two walking carefully, gracefully in the garden or between the parked cars outside the retreat house. Their life appears to be spent with a wide open attention. They were the source of our naming.

I am always watching

the single heron at its place

alone at water, its open eye,

one leg lifted

or wading without seeming to move.

It is a mystery seen

but never touched

Until this morning …..

The Heron – Linda Hogan