Zen Meditation

There is an idea that meditation is about stopping thinking, being peaceful, and never being upset again. That we enter a kind of nirvana or heaven, if we work hard enough, while we are still on earth. Often nothing we … Read More

In the Forest

I was sitting one morning in the reading room of the library, struggling to read through an abstruse article in a philosophical journal.  The writer appeared to be avoiding clarity at all costs; as soon as a thought began to … Read More

Zen and Everyday Life

How do we learn to meet challenges in life? What can we do when we realize our life isunfolding in ways we cannot control, either in our personal lives or the world we live in?Zen does not give us answers … Read More

Why Zen?

Zen arose within Buddhism, but it is not confined to Buddhism.  The word ‘zen’ means meditation, and meditation is for people of any and every religious persuasion.  Meditation is part of Christian tradition too, of course, as it is part of … Read More

Found in Translation – The Four Great Vows

Na Ceithre Mhóid Mhóra (The Four Great Vows) Ilchruthú gan áireamh, móidím iad a scaoileadh. Siabhráin gan ídiú, móidim iad a chloí. Darma gan teorainn, móidím iad a thuiscint. Tá an bealach soilseach gan sárú, móidím é a shealbhú Creations … Read More

Zen and Tai Chi

During Zen Sesshins we often make time for some Tai Chi. This is a practice that can help us integrate the energy of Zazen into our movements. Tai Chi integrates physical movements, breathing and concentrated alertness. We learn to stand … Read More